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FuzzyLogic - misspelled names in NickName vs Surname
After importing the fuzzy logic data for both NickNames and Surnames, I noticed that, for NickName matching, the correctly spelled name is in the Name1 field, with the mis-spelled variant in Name2.

However, this is the opposite case for Surnames, and I ended up changing my script to import the reverse order fuzzy logic listing, after having imported the surname relationship table in normal order.

I suppose that, depending upon how the data is used, it may not matter which name is in Name1 and which is in Name2. However, I thought it helpful to point out this inconsistency for others.

Thank you for your comments, and we apologize for any misunderstanding. pdNickname is newer that pdSurname, and the fuzzy logic programming of pdNickname was updated with a new and improved method for ordering the results. We will be updating pdSurname soon so both products will be identical in this regards.
We try very hard to make our software as consistent as possible, but at the same time make improvements that may not appear at the same time in all products.

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